Tellington Touch – Is it hocus-pocus?

Tellington Touch – Is it hocus-pocus?

I get some questions that seem to recur, one of them is about TTouch. I had this comment cross my radar this morning and thought I would share my response. I really believe, in case it is not immediately apparent, that the book would benefit by reducing the number of un-believable claims for it’s efficacy. As a primer in how and where to massage your dog in a way that the dog will find benefit I believe it has a lot of value.

This is the comment:

“Any TTouch experts out there? I just bought the book and have had strange results…

1. In the beginning of the book there is a picture of a coyote and a black bear reaching out and using their paw to touch Linda Tellington-Jones as evidence of these animals “trying to communicate” and being able to have a cellular connection. I actually giggled over this and thought it was a pretty “hocus pocus” description. BUT…. I did ONLY TWO of the TTouch circles on my dog and he did the same thing with his paw!!!! WOW!!!

2. Okay, so that was the cool part. But I continued doing this and my dog started raising his upper lip and showing his teeth. No growling or anything. It almost seemed like a reaction he couldn’t control. Maybe I was actually connecting to him on a cellular level, as the book suggests is happening, and he felt weird or a little violated having this new stimulation? Anyway, after that he just kept getting up and walking away, mostly to his crate so I couldn’t get him.

I wanted to try TTouch because my dog has general fear/anxiety/confidence issues and many of the TTouches claim to improve exactly those issues. I’ve tried a few of the touches, even starting at low pressure with the Llama and Chimp Touch (for dogs with trust issues), but he still doesn’t seem to like it.

Should I keep trying?

Usually when I pet him “normally” he goes spread-eagle and is in heaven as he allows me to rub and scratch him anywhere on his body. I don’t want him to get into the habit of running away from me every time I go to touch him because he thinks I’m going to TTouch him.”



and this is my response …

“Buy a book and be an expert. Whether it is the guitar, learning spanish, dog training or massage. That is optimistic, at best. The belief that you acquired the skill in the time it takes to read the book and are connecting, communicating and healing your dog but it is a dog problem (that he is not welcoming your attention) shows how little you understand.

The dog is giving you feedback, it may mean that you are trying to do something TO the dog (sub-consciously, at least).

That is not the connection you are looking for, you have to be centered and giving loving touch and loving thoughts, allowing your outpouring of loving kindness and calmness to heal a broken spirit.

I think of my self as an earth strap while working on electronics. My goal is to allow the stressful energy to “leak out” through my gentle touch. If I have anything positive that can leak in, so much the better, but that requires a sense of self as a “special” healer, an arrogance that I find impossible to internalize.

Do I believe that we are all on a bell curve of ability to connect through touch, through genetics or experience? Absolutely!

Some will find it easier to connect than others. That does not reflect on your ability to learn and become skilled.

Try yoga or meditation as an additional lifestyle study.

Be patient, practice, practice, practice.

Think of it as a gift you can give to your dog.

To a cynic, living in the America of late night commercials and instant gratification, (six pack abs anyone?) TTouch is a snake oil product. Branding a loving massage where you have to turn circles of a certain number of degrees in order for it to work?

Un believable.

However, some people are so out of tune with both their own body and those of their loved ones, anything that encourages them to experiment with touch, pressure and movement in a gentle loving way to connect with their disconnect has to be good or great.

Love by numbers?

If that is what it takes, that and ten thousand hours of practice will help you grow to be all you can be. At least you may find out how little we really know for sure. Myself included.”

Maybe, just maybe, this dog came into your life to teach you more about yourself.

Have any of you tried TTouch?

What did you discover about your dog?

What did you discover about yourself?

Please, let me know in the comments below, thank you!